Our newest Addition to our services is a dedicated High end window Package and Lift and Slide door installation crew. Our company has completed or is in the process of completing Factory Training for installation on many high end window systems. With this training, you can trust us to do the job right.

High End Custom Glass Installation

     Do you have a vision for something unique or artistic for glass? Are you looking for something to make your project stand out? If so, we can help with that too. We work closely with a wide range of affiliate glass companies, and we can help you add distinction to your projects through the use of highly customized specialty and art glass products. Call us anytime for further details.

In House Mirror Fabrication

     Great designs require planning, and we are here to help. With our decades of combined experience in custom glass, we can guide our clients in creating beautiful, functional and safe finished products. From small showers and mirrors to large scale residential and commercial products, our expertise is available every step of the way. We often work closely with Designers, Architects, and Homeowners to help them achieve their vision of how the finished product should look and function.

     For the more complex projects and any project that requires a high level of detail, we can create shop drawings for approval, containing all of the relevant details of the final installation. We have CAD capability in house, meaning that the drawings you receive will be to scale, further improving the clarity of the design process. The use of CAD also allows us to communicate with our suppliers in a clear and efficient manner, decreasing the frequency of incorrect fabrication and related lost time.

     We handle all of our own mirror fabrication in house, and we recently purchased a machine to do our own high polished edge work. Whether you are looking for standard Clear mirror, high clarity Low Iron mirror, or specialty mirror products, we can help. Our attention to detail through the measurement, fabrication, inspection and installation process will guarantee a quality product for your project. 

Design and Consulting Services

Window Package and Lift and Slide Door installation

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Products and Services that we can provide

Repair and Maintenance Services

Specialty and Art Glass installation

     From small window repairs to large overhauls, from emergency leak mitigation to regularly scheduled maintenance, we've got you covered. Our team is well versed in an extremely broad range of installation techniques and can safely and quickly repair most commercial and residential glass.

Up Front Glass, Inc.

Architectural Glass in Aspen, Vail and Beyond!

     Up Front Glass works hard to provide the highest quality glass installation available. We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that we receive the best quality glass that they can provide, and then we implement our own quality control system to make sure that the glass meets our stringent standards. Only after this process is complete will we schedule installation of the glass on your project.

     We also strive to use the highest quality installation materials and hardware available. Through years of experience we have found a handful of suppliers that provide superior products, and we will work with them unless requested otherwise by the client. Our belief is that we can only achieve the best finished product if we use the best materials and hardware available.

     Once we arrive on site, our courteous and professional staff installs the glass to the highest industry standards, while assuring that the finished product looks and functions beautifully. Any issues that arise are promptly brought to the attention of our clients, and we are active in resolving the issue from that point forward. The result of our dedication to detail and communication is a smooth installation and an excellent finished product.