Up Front Glass, Inc.


Founded: 2005

Owner: Jonathan Coalson

Areas Served: Aspen and Vail Valleys


Areas of expertise:  Commercial and Residential Custom Glass, Specialty Glass, and related installations.

Company Culture

Decades of experience and the willingness to tackle challenging and unique projects are at the core of our company!


At Up Front Glass, our goal is to provide the highest end glass installations available. We work closely with our clients to assure that the design stage goes smoothly, and that the glass our clients receive exceeds their expectations. 

Custom Glass, from Start to Finish

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Our Employees Come First!


Many companies will say this, but few can actually back it up. We work hard to attract and retain top talent, and we reward our employees by offering top pay and some unique benefits that our competitors do not.

Company Profile

Up Front Glass, Inc.

Architectural Glass in Aspen, Vail and Beyond!

At Up Front Glass, Safety and Honesty in all activities is our #1 priority!


That's why we call ourselves "Up Front Glass" - we will always be Up Front with you. We know that we cannot have a strong working relationship with our clients until they can trust us to complete the work safely and efficiently, and to bring issues to the client as soon as they arise. This is why our staff is instructed to be completely transparent with each other and our clients, from the day they start. If someone on our staff makes a mistake, we promptly come forward with it, discuss the error, and do what we must to make it right.